The Product Strategy

Mountains worth climbing

We’re working towards some really ambitious goals.  Many of these goals rely on simulation technologies that haven’t been invented yet, and scientific research that hasn’t been conducted.  We’ve got a lot of climbing to do, and we’re grateful to the people who are helping us do it.  These are the big things we want to achieve, and the first steps that are taking us towards them.

Thinking big

A game that qualifies you to care for animals

Many people acquire pets that they don’t really understand, and suffering (for animals, owners, and other members of society) ensues.  Making mistakes on a simulated animal might spare some real animals from avoidable suffering.  Understanding mistreatment (why it happens, what it looks like, and what it causes) is useful in preventing it.  Understanding good treatment is helpful in repeating it.  Simulations are a great way to understand something.

A single-player game that exposes geeks to social interactions

There’s a vicious cycle when it comes to social skills: a lack of social skills leads to a lack of social opportunities.  This means less chances to practice social skills, which reduces social opportunities even further… you get the point.  A single-player game where the character gets humiliated and the player remains safe can be an environment that helps geeks be a more powerful and positive presence in the world at large.  Games are great opportunities to practice something.

A leadership simulator

The world needs more leaders, and better leaders.  We get better at doing things through exercise – this particular exercise depends on having people who are willing to follow.  Not surprisingly, people are reluctant to follow if you’re inexperienced – the pool of talent shrinks all the time as we select our leaders those who have already proven themselves.  Non-player characters are much easier to recruit than human beings, and they’re available in infinite numbers.  Virtual worlds give us access to a wider range of experience.

Acting Small


A genetics simulator that includes realistic incentives and penalties for inbreeding.

High School Alien

Start at a new school where everybody else already knows each other.

Hybrid Medical Base

Lead a team of medical staff on board a damaged spacecraft.